Blossoms Tour

Edd Croft of dbnAudile designs and operates the lighting for Stockport based band Blossoms

dbnAudile's Edd Croft provides full lighting design for Blossoms, who have seen a surge in popularity following their self-titled debut album. As their biggest UK tour to date came to an end, positive reviews flew in for the band’s impressive performances. Within these reviews are countless mentions of the "dazzling" lighting displays which enhanced these performances.

Edd also operated the lighting for the entirety of the tour, with a variety of visual effects utilised to create an unforgettable atmosphere at each and every show.


Blossoms Tour

For the majority of their shows, Blossoms warmed up the crowd with the familiar drums of Kanye West’s 2013 hit Black Skinhead, accompanied by a strobe light show which “sent the Birmingham faithful into ecstasy”.

This scintillating start was followed by Blossoms’ entrance, and an emphatic rendition of their popular single ‘At Most A Kiss’, accompanied by “an impressive light show”.

Blossoms’ entire set was filled with memorable moments, not least the “spectacular lighting” in the build up to 'Texia’. 

This introduction was arguably one of the highlights of the performance, and the video is available to view here.

Armed with “A vibrant light-show”, Blossoms generated an incredible feast for the senses from start to finish.

Blossoms’ tour continued into the USA and Europe, before a triumphant return to Manchester in December saw them begin to tour the UK once again in 2017.